Jeffrey's at home is above all a story...

The story started several centuries ago in this little Mas: called the "Mazet" in cevenol language.

Its cracked walls have once witnessed a tumutluous history. 

Full of calm and serenity, it was not until the early 1960s that this simple house with faded walls was painted with white lime and thus modernized. 

The elders remember it...

It was a mild time when during the hot hours of summer, "these gentlemen"
came to sit on the stone bench, under the old trellis. They were leaning against the wall, sipping a few beers under the century-old wisteria.

This little place, lulled by a light breeze and the singing of cicadas, brought
freshness and comfort.

Over time, this modest place has become a modern counter where you now can find both, classic references and exclusive creations.

Today, thanks to the instigation and the know-how of Nicolas, this counter has proven to be a real cocktail bar. With more than 180 references, it offers connoisseurs a wide choice and for the less-expert ones it is a perfect discovery place: this is how "Jeffrey's at Home" was born.

Here, as the guests themselves love to tell it, sharing is the most important. 
That's why, in order to accompany throughout the year not only its loyal guests, but all those who wish,  we have created "Jeffrey's at Home":

This modern concept of cocktail delivery at home simplifies the preparation of your aperitif with family or friends. You will have everything you need: a ready-to-use kit prepared by us, for guaranteed success!

Gone is the puzzle of the missing ingredient at a late hour. You will no more have to buy many bottles to use little finally ...

"Jeffrey's at home" is the simple & effecient cocktail solution, and more, it is also professional and accessible to everyone !