What do the cocktail kits include?

Each kit consists of various flasks, a decoration item and the recipe.

Where do Jeffrey's at home preparations come from?

Your cocktails are prepared by us at Jeffrey’s at home - Cocktail Bar.

How soon does my package arrive?

We ship your orders every Tuesday and Thursday. They are then sent within 24-48 hours * directly to your home!
*Depending on the delivery method chosen

How long will it take me to prepare a cocktail?

A little dexterity and experience and your cocktails will be ready in the blink of an eye ;)

Do you need specific knowledge to make the preparations?

A recipe goes with each of your cocktails!

What utensils will be useful for making my cocktails?

Ideally a shaker, an ice crusher, a pestle, cocktail strainers… will do you a good service! Jeffrey's at home has selected for you a complete kit of cocktail equipment: Bar equipement

Who is behind the concept of Jeffrey's at Home?

«The story started several centuries ago in this little Mas: called the "Mazet" in cevenol language.» More...>